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Using RSS Feeds to promote your website and keep your web content up to date

RSS news feed options:

Adding RSS news feeds can improve visitor appeal, and providing RSS feeds can help promote your website

For £45, we will find a relevant RSS news feed for you. We will install the RSS feed on your website to keep your web content updated with new stories to interest your visitors. If we can't find a relevant RSS feed whose authors allow republication, we will refund your money.

RSS feeds are published as clickable headlines, with or without listing publication dates and the beginnings of the stories. Links to stories can be opened in new windows or the current window.
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RSS News feeds interest your visitors
and help to publicize your website

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Please contact us for more details, and we will get back to you, or read on for examples and more information.

RSS News Feeds can add content to your website

This is an example of an RSS news feed, which in this case happens to come from my own blog. Options for RSS feeds include whether to include publishing dates and descriptions, and whether or not to open stories in a new window.

Beach Web Design RSS Feed:

Beach Web Design RSS Feed:

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RSS Feeds publicize your website

To add my RSS feed to your website, paste this code into your HTML page to get the headlines with dates (as below):

<p> <big> <strong> Beach Web Design RSS Feed:</strong> </big> </p> <script language='Javascript' type="text/javascript" src= ''> </script> <noscript> <a href='' target=_blank> <p>'Blog: Is there any money left?' </p></a> </noscript>

(Option with dates and without story descriptions):

Beach Web Design RSS Feed:

If you want to format it differently, the address for the RSS feed is:

It's ok to remove or change the heading, as long as it doesn't claim authorship and it's relevant, legal and not rude!

Publicize your website and promote your news by providing your own RSS Feed

The easiest way to provide an RSS feed from your website is by installing a blog. For £75, we can install and customize a WordPress blog for your website and provide you with scripts other people can use to install your news on their websites. Click here to contact us for RSS feeds. (Please note, some themes and templates for customising your blog may cost extra. WordPress themes are available from the WordPress website, and also in our template shop).

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