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Our Holding Pages or 'Internet Flyers'

A Holding Page is a short, single page website. Holding Pages are most often used while a bigger website is in development. Used in this way, a holding page creates a better impression than a 'Page Not Found' or 'This domain has been reserved' message, and can be a useful early step in testing out design ideas for your website. In some cases, a one page website with a simple design is all that is needed, and the holding page package can be extended indefinitely, acting as what we are calling an 'Internet Flyer', in contrast to our Internet Brochure websites, which have a more polished design and a more complex structure of links across several pages.
Screenshot of a Holding Page

Holding Pages: a first online presence
and a useful stage in testing out design ideas

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Please contact us for more details, and we will get back to you, or read on for examples and more information about what's included in our Holding Page packages.

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What's included in our Holding Page package?

Web Hosting Account ('Holding Page' Account type):

  • Domain Name registered, with ownership details in your own name
  • Unlimited Data Transfer / month
  • Storage for a single 'Holding Page' website while the rest of your website is under construction, or 20MB disk space and 200MB data transfer for a permanent website of this type.
  • Setup of up to 4 email addresses using your domain name, to include 'webmaster' (forwarded to us while we work on your website), an option of one web mailbox with junk mail filters, and email forwarding or auto-responders for the other addresses as required.
  • One mailing list
  • Separate storage of a backup copy
  • Free dial-up Internet Access
  • Free hosting of this account type for up to 1 year

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Setup of a single 'Holding Page' with a simple design, to include your choices from:

Extra options for the 'Holding Page' / 'Internet Flyer' package:

  • 2 extra photos or graphics, including image file optimisation services
  • Up to 10 extra paragraphs of text
  • Search engine friendly page structure, with title, headings, keywords and meta tags
  • Up to 10 links so you can start swapping links with other websites to build up your website's search engine page ranking
  • Placement of up to 3 affiliate marketing links (subject to their approval), so you can recommend relevant products and services and potentially earn some commission from them
  • Placement of Google AdSense adverts (subject to their approval), giving you the chance to earn some money from pay per click advertising.
  • Placement of one RSS news feed, if appropriate, to keep your website automatically updated with new and relevant content
  • Link exchange for a featured link in a news story on either Beach Web Design or Beach Web Hosting's home page, for the month after your website is finished

Plus your choices from the basics of the 'Internet Business Card' package:

  • Your company name
  • Your logo
  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address and / or and email link for visitors to contact you
  • Your choices of fonts
  • Your own artwork or photo, or
  • Your choice of clip art
  • Your choice from a photo library
  • Your choices of text colours
  • Your choices of page colours
  • Your motto or slogan
  • A short description of your business
  • Up to 10 keywords for search engines
  • Submission to search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN

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Design of Holding Pages is kept simple due to their temporary nature. You are welcome to choose from our free templates (see right), sending us your own replacements for each photo and for all the text that appears, or if you have a particular design requirement we suggest viewing templates and either emailing us your requirements, or printing templates to send us with notes. Your logos and other images will need to be emailed or posted to us on CD. We will also be happy to work from emailed screenshots (eg from PowerPoint or Publisher), descriptions, sketches, diagrams, crayon drawings, or other pictures of any kind.

Alternatively, purchase an HTML website template, for example from our web design templates shop and email us the zip file along with your text and image replacements. Text passages must be approximately the same length in order to look the same in the template, and photos must be the same orientation as those appearing in the template.

If you are looking for a Flash template, there are other options available through the shop for customising these, as we do not currently work on Flash.

Need a good photo for your Holding Page?

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  • £144 set up fee if a '.uk' domain is chosen, or £12 extra if a .com name is chosen. These prices reflect the higher registration fees for '.com' domains. If you are transferring a domain that you already own, there may be additional transfer fees charged by your previous host
  • Free changes during the first two weeks after completion
  • If the website continues in this form after the first year, web hosting and domain name registration are renewable at £1.50 / month for .uk domain names or £2.50 / month for .com domain names, payable annually in advance, with a limit of 200MB monthly data transfer
  • £120 discount price is available if no affiliate links, AdSense or RSS feeds are required, and the holding page includes a link back to this page.
  • A monthly payment plan is available for both setup and hosting fees at 50p / month extra to cover PayPal transaction fees and bank charges.

Special Extras available for this package:

  • £2.50 / month to protect all email addresses from your domain from viruses
  • £6 / year to add 3 extra email addresses
  • £20 to install website statistics
  • £1 / month for an increase to 500MB monthly data transfer
  • £10 / month for an average of 1 hour / month spent on regular scheduled edits and updates
  • £10 / quarter for an average of 1 hour / quarter spent on regular scheduled edits and updates
  • £15 / hour for unscheduled updates as required

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Examples of some of our Holding Pages

For an example of our own Holding Page, please see the Beach Web Design demo in our portfolio. This was created as an introductory holding page while our websites were in development. Later on, we added two additional pages for affiliate marketing.

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Sample Free Templates for Holding Pages:

(More coming soon...)

Sample Free Template 1:

screenshot of a free web design template - click for bigger view

Beach Web Design Template Shop

More web design templates are available to purchase from our template shop.

Sample template from our shop

screenshot of a template from our web design template shop - click for bigger view
(Click for a bigger view)

We will be happy to assist you in customising HTML web design templates and ensuring their accessibility and technical functioning as part of our economy web design packages.

As well as web design templates, our template shop also offers customisable logos and corporate identity packages, featuring design files for logos, letterhead paper, business cards and envelopes.

Please note: We can not currently make alterations to Flash files.

Our web design template shop is provided in affiliation with an American company, which is why the prices are in US dollars. For an up to date currency conversion, please use our currency exchange calculator from

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