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E-commerce Websites

E-commerce website add-ons from Beach Web Design

We do not currently build full e-commerce websites (online shops) ourselves. If your website is to be an online store, you would be better off with a full e-commerce website, but if you are only selling occasional single items, accepting donations or selling branded merchandise such as T-shirts, caps and mugs as a sideline, then e-commerce add-ons would be a cheaper and simpler option for you.

We offer a range of e-commerce add-on features, which can bring in extra money in addition to selling ad space and promoting your core organisation or business.
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E-Commerce Websites:
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We believe that, for many such purposes, a brochure style website with added e-commerce features offers the best option for providing an attractive and informative website. As an added bonus, the static brochure style pages are also more friendly to search engines than most e-commerce catalogue pages, offering your website a better chance to rank higher up in the search engine results pages.

We also offer e-commerce web hosting, suitable for osCommerce, Actinic, Agora cart and Zen cart shopping cart websites, as well as all our own e-commerce options, and we do sell osCommerce templates in our template shop. As our template shop is a 'turnkey' affiliate shop from a US company, its prices are in US dollars. Our Foreign Currency Exchange Calculator is a useful tool to help with this, and for £45, we can install this for you and create customised number entry and results pages so that it blends in with the rest of your website.

E-Commerce Add-on Features

'Buy Now' and 'Donation' Buttons

We can add encrypted PayPal 'Buy Now' and 'Donation' buttons to accept payments through your website. We charge £25 per button. Although PayPal's link says 'sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly', I found it took about a month to get the account fully verified. Until then, they set a spending limit, but you can still receive payments. To receive website payments, you need a Premier or Business account.

T-shirt and Gift Shops

For £15 / hour, we can help you set up a T-shirt and associated merchandise / gift shop with Cafe Press.

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'Turnkey' Affiliate Shops

If you want to set up an Amazon aStore or similar 'turnkey' affiliate shop, we will be happy to help with any hosting, setup or customisation, again at our standard rate of £15 / hour. Our Website Template Shop is an example of the type of website created as a turnkey affiliate shop. Whether you are considering this option as a standalone website, or as an e-commerce addition to your existing website, please contact us, as there are particular issues with search engine optimisation and search marketing that will apply to this kind of shop. Also, your choice of electronic payment options may be determined by the affiliate shop provider; if not, we can recommend Moneybookers and PayPal as reliable in our personal experience, while we also have customers who recommend WorldPay.

Foreign Currency Converter

For £45, we can install a Foreign Currency Exchange Calculator from and create customised number entry and results pages so that it blends in with the rest of your website. Click here to see our own foreign currency converter

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Full PayPal payment integration

For £240, we offer a fully integrated customisation of PayPal website payments, including encrypted 'Buy Now' buttons, gift certificates, customised PayPal payment pages, PayPal shipping and VAT calculators, packing slips, confirmation emails and returning the customer to a page on your website after processing their payment.

PayPal payment integration plus Shopping Cart

For £480, we can add shopping cart functionality, including setup for the first 20 products, with the payment integration features described above and a database interface for adding, editing and deleting products.

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