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Database Websites

Database Features:

I offer full database websites and add-on interactive searching and sorting features.

Databases can be great for adding information, catalogues, or interactive features to your website. Whenever you're using a repeated page design to present information, there's a chance that a database could reduce the time and costs required for making changes and updates.

I can offer web hosting, website development, and extra added features for your existing websites using up to date and freely available PHP / MySQL open source database technology. In many cases, open source scripts already exist which can provide the features you want, and I am also happy to customise these and integrate them into your website.
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Database Websites: use your information well
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Example database features:

  • Using a database to store and display statistics
    One of the statistics I track as part of my ongoing service in website marketing and traffic analysis is the percentage of our visitors who have enabled or disabled the use of Javascript in their browsers. I store these monthly statistics in a MySQL database, and a PHP page about Javascript usage statistics retrieves them, sorts them by date, formats the dates and decimal points, calculates percentages and displays them in a data table and a bar chart.

  • Using a database of images to display enlargements
    This page on custom framing of marine prints, belonging to the marine artist, Robin Brooks, uses a MySQL database of image files in conjunction with PHP programming and Javascript to display images in a full screen window or a new tab, with clickable buttons to enlarge or reduce the image size.

  • Searchable and sortable online portfolio
    This web design portfolio page uses a MySQL database in conjunction with PHP programming to display an online portfolio, complete with thumbnail images, feature lists and clickable links, which can be sorted by date and searched either by selecting criteria from a form or by entering keywords.

Photo of a hallway of doors You will be able to log in to your database, update changes to your data, and have the changes appear wherever the data is used on your website. Add searches to your database, sort the results by name, date, price or anything else you'd like, and present the results in tables or lists with pictures, text descriptions and links to more details, larger images, documents or sound files. Our interactive portfolio demonstrates searching and sorting facilities which could be built in as part of a full database website or added on to an existing website as an extra feature.

If your website is to be an online store, you would be better off with a full e-commerce website, but if you are only selling occasional single items, accepting donations or selling branded merchandise such as T-shirts, caps and mugs as a sideline, then e-commerce add-ons might be a simpler option for you.

Currently we are unable to take on large development projects, as we are booked up until June. However, we would be happy to help with adding extra database features to your website, or with planning development work for the summer. If you're thinking about a database web project, please contact us with more details, and we will get back to you. Our prices start at £480 for database websites and £15 / hour for adding database features to a website.

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